What is this?

This is a demo site for the Faceted Search Drupal module.

Random content and taxonomy have been generated with the Generator module, part of the Devel package. There are 600 nodes and 2000 taxonomy terms. Note that multiple nodes often have the same title and content, but are still distinct nodes.

Two search environments have been defined on this site:

  • faceted_search: This search environment shows all of the content. Results are displayed as teasers when the Guided search is used, or as extracts when keywords are entered. Categories in the Guided search are sorted by number of occurrences found. This environment's blocks are available on the front page. When viewing a node, the Related categories block is also provided by this environment.
  • faceted_search_views: This search environment shows a limited selection of facets. It uses Views to show search results in a table. Categories in the Guided search are sorted alphabetically.
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